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From the Adults

As God leads, things keep perking right along.

Jan, Debbie, and Don and Kathy lead Bible studies weekly─sometimes with others teaching. The same is true of the Men’s Bible Study where the focus is Revelation. Theresa continues the relit fire under the women’s program with the Girlfriends Café and the West Plains Ladies’ Luncheon. Nathan continues herding the Iron Men Burning Barrel while musing the restart of the Men’s Luncheon. And he has the men working at various tasks around the church.

The Internet sessions on Tuesday and Thursday will have just begun a study of Titus days before this newsletter hits the bulletin.

The Sunday morning Bible study for adults has been averaging around 20 in a discussion format─just finishing Chapter 3 of Romans today. Dare you to come and join in the lively discussions we have.

Kathy has completed the Spring version of Rooted with several ladies graduating. Further Rooted offerings will be announced as the church-wide effort continues.

Apartment ministry inches closer─but still not a reality. As is the case of our school. A portable still seems in the works, but yet unrealized. The team of DeAnna, Suzi, and Kathy Massagee having a year’s experience under their belts and are rearin’ to go. They would love to train you to be a part of the exciting year-to-come.

Get on board. Participate. Host. Lead. Teach. Whatever. But get involved. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It all works together for good.

Oh yeah: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are nearer than you might think.