How to Give

We have been expanding how you can tithe and give towards the church.  We have several options below that might fit your needs!
First and Foremost, we always have the offering plate during service.  This can be the easiest, most common, and traditional way to give.  We leave the offering plates out to drop your envelope into on your way out of service.  However with COVID right now, we understand that this is not always practical. We now have online options for everyone.
Second, Give online. The Form has moved! Click here and fill out the form.  You can choose which fund to donate to in the dropdown list.  If you do not see your preferred category, mark it as Tithe and type your wishes in the box labeled “Long Text.”
Thirdly, you can give through Texting! Text “Give” to (509) 600-1311 to donate thru Texts.  If you want to donate to a specific fund, text one of the following codes along with the amount.
Tithe = Tithe
Building = Build
Youth = Youth
Second Harvest = Harvest
Music/AV = Music
Children’s Ministry = Kids
Missions = Mission
Adult Education = AdultEd
Men’s Ministry = Men
Women’s Ministry = Women

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