February Newsletter

Dear Church Family,

      The start of 2019 is as promising as the start of any year. With the promise (and threat) of similar challenges as all the previous years. Some things will always be the same. We also have the challenge and hope of new things. Small new things that bring little noticeable changes. The way we record things or organize things a little differently. Then there are changes, that to a few people are significant. The schedule of a Bible Study class, the beginning of a new Bible Study for your age group or in the area near your home.
     The changes that have a dramatic affect. The increased emphasis of LifeGroups that fulfill an   urgent roll of discipling believers in our Church and Community, as well as provide for the care of each person. Discipling and caring, very much the model for both types of activities comes from Acts 2:41-47.  We have 5 locations to work on as we start the first of our new focus on LifeGroups, Basalt Ridge, Airway Point, Arrow Leaf, Medical Lake, Deep Creek, and Men’s & Women’s Groups. The last two will be located at the church.     Information days and times will be in bulletins and in LifeGroups handouts at the Welcome Center in the foyer. We need your help and participation. 1. We need a few Bible Study Leaders, Hosts/Hostess’, Prayer Supporters (that attend each group). In the next year, one goal is to get everyone who attends AHBC to be involved in a Sunday Bible Study and a LifeGroup. Life in group is shared! We plan to share in Bible Study, and so much more. Some very important things like prayer support for things in life that happen to us, and because of us. As well as fellowship, life is difficult at times, being alone or lonely when challenges come make it that much more difficult. We need to share every day kind of events like “breaking bread” together (meals), and caring for our families, from infants to the well-aged. We also hope to build into our LifeGroups things like being on mission as a Church (going and doing, together), as well as helping one another.  Please spend time praying for our church family to become good at sharing life together as groups.
     January had some unique challenges for me, I started having sever nose bleeds that could last more than an hour at a time. After visits to Doctors, E.R., and a specialist, I was instructed to stay home and not lift anything more than 5 lbs., for 10 days, not leaning over (not letting head below heart level).  Then a small nose bleed caused me to go get checked and we started all over again. Cauterizing more aggressively, and a whole new 10 days of restriction.  Well, today things are going great. I’m ready to get back to a regular schedule. Thanks for your prayers.
     Please pray for how God will use our 60th celebration as a testimony and casting the Vision for our Church’s life. To prepare for this we are going to do a church examination using Revelation 1-3 as a check list. Then the first 3 chapters of Acts to set the model for the next 5 years of AHBC.  Along the way we will find things we do well, and we want to hang on to. And, we will find things that are not working that we will want and need to change. Please be a part of the growth that change can bring, in prayer and by awareness that brings attention to the things that need to stay or change. Giving our attention to how we can do these things, and finally put action to our prayers by being DOERS of the Word and not hearers only.
Joyfully Serving our Jesus
Pastor Dale Jenkins
Church Family, as always, I thank you for the opportunity to minister to you and your clubbers. AWANA club is still going well. We are averaging about 40 clubbers every week. As a ministry we have collected food for the food bank on our first night of club every month. Working with the folks working in the 2nd Harvest ministry, we have added special items each month to make it more competitive for the clubbers and more beneficial for the Food Bank. We give points for every item brought in and double points for special items of the month. At the end of that club night, a leader gets a pie in the face from a clubber whose club brought in the most food. So far, each club has had a chance to participate in giving a pie to a leader, and I have had several leaders step up to take one. God has used this small part of AWANA club to build excitement in the clubbers and leaders alike as they get a chance to help our community by sharing Christ love with others.
We are half way through the club year. We have a few events coming up. I will add comments to the bulletin as these events get closer and give handouts to clubbers at the end of club nights also. First is the AWANA Games in March second is AWANA Grand Prix (pine derby car race), and third will be the Award ceremony. Additionally, as we look at the remaining club year, it is never too late to come and help in club. It is an awesome way to minister to both children and their parents. Again, thank you for the opportunity and may God continue to bless this ministry and this church family.
AWANA Ministry Director
AKA AWANA Commander
Ron Davis Jr
It has been a while since I gave an update on Student Ministry. The good news is the Student Ministry is still going and reaching students. Pastor Dale has asked a handful of us to help until the church calls a Youth Pastor. Big thanks to John, Suzi, and Isaac for helping! Pastor and I have traded off leading the lessons and   teaching, Suzi has come up with creative games and activities, and John and Isaac help by being mentors and building relationships for Christ.
We started last month going back to UGM and serving food. The plan is to go on the first Wednesday night of every month during the school year. We will make sure we get the times out to everyone for February. Also, as I type this up, we are getting ready to go up to Winter Camp. There are several students who are going, and I am excited to see what God will do this year! Along with Winter Camp, our students have formed a praise team for Wednesday night Youth Group, and they practice Sunday nights after AWANA. They are growing in their faith as they serve God. Just as a reminder, the youth meet on Wednesday nights now from 6:30PM to 8:00PM. Again, thank you for allowing us all to minister to you and your students. If you have any questions about student ministry, please feel free to contact any of us helpers or pastor Dale.
Ron Davis
Financial Matters…
Do we glorify God with our finances?
     The second part of 1 Pet 4:11 (NKJ) says, “…that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.” Everything, everything, EVERYTHING about Jesus glorifies Father God.
     Similarly, we serve a God who is glorified in ALL creation.  The sunrise reminds us of Him.  The clear night sky reminds us of Him.  The vast oceans remind us of Him.  Even our own beating heart reminds us of Him.  It all speaks of a loving God who cares.
     So, if everything about Jesus glorifies God, and everything about creation glorifies God, I think we should seek to glorify God in every aspect of our lives.  And that includes our finances.  When we hear things like that, we typically start considering how much we give in tithes and offerings.  But honoring God with our money goes far beyond giving.
     We have opportunity to exult God in how we make money, how we spend money, how we save money, how we teach about it, and anything else we do with it.  Even our attitudes about money speak to our relationship with God.  So, what does your financial life say about Him?  Do you think God wants your financial life to be a disaster?  Or is He more likely to be glorified by you having your financial life in order?
If you’d like some help, contact me at 244-1485 or Frank Sweet at 244-7054.
Will you take the next step?  It’s your call…make it a good one.
God Bless
Pastor Leroy

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