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We use Facebook Live, our new church app-Airway Heights Baptist Church, and YouTube to share our sermons.  This is for our sick, elderly, and long distance members who cannot join us in person.  We currently have been using Facebook for newer videos and YouTube for older videos, but looking into having both updated together.  Let us know if the Facebook page below works for those of you without Facebook.  Thanks!
Our services are Live!
When we are Live, you can find us in FOUR Locations! We have the Facebook Person, the Facebook Page, YouTube, our new church app, and right here.  Just to the right, the black box will show the video while Live.
After the sermon, You can come back  and find the video on our church app, Facebook locations and YouTube.  Scroll down for links to locations and Playlists of past Bible Studies and Sermons!

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You can find all this and more at these websites!
Here are the Sermons we have recorded.
Here you can start the series of Virtual Bible Studies on YouTube.
Here is a mini-series by Don Horner about the book of Malachi.